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Figure skating Elsa doodle c:


Queen Elsa Screencaps Collection (3/?)
  • Every time I get my period: Wow no okay that was not a month.


It’s Elsa from Frozen in her coronation dress. Doesn’t look much like her though…
I’m trying to practice painting with a “classical” look. Changed her outfit a bit to fit the style.
I liked Frozen, even though it was only available here in 3D which ruined it a bit. Elsa needed more screen time, the trolls were awful, and the film kind of forgot it’s a musical at some point, but otherwise it was pretty good.

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😍 my animated ovaries! Lol. IF YOU DO THIS IN REAL LIFE, IT AINT GONNA TURN OUT LIKE THIS (dont even try) ✌😂 #frozen #elsa #letitgo